Urban Mission Network

The Urban Mission Network comprises 34 congregations and two faith communities located in communities across the state and has an informal relationship with Heavens Spring Methodist Uniting Church.
The aim of the Network is to encourage each other in ministry and mission, share resources and provide mutual support.

Susan Burt
Phone:Mobile 0412 552703

The Coordinator is the first point of contact for the Network and oversees the administration and organisation of the Urban Mission Network.


 Conversation with Hugh Mackay
80 people gathered on May 7 to hear a very informative, sobering but at the same time
 encouraging insights with hope from this Australian Icon. His latest book Beyond Belief Mackay looks at the various ways we try to find transendence. Reflecting on his previous book Art of Belonging his research holds important information for church location and presence,and social attitudes to spirituality.

Unity & Friends occasionally receives enquiries from GLBTIQ* Christians who are looking to join churches that are safe places to worship and where their gifts will be welcomed and treasured.





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